Frequently asked questions

How many workshops do you need to take to be fluent in ASL?

Fluency comes with practice and skill and varies from person to person. I would recommend to start with 5 sessions and see how comfortable you do with the content provided to determine how many more sessions you want to take

Are there certificates that will be provided?

We do not certify individuals in fluency, however, you will be provided with a certificate of completion after completing 20 workshops

Do you offer interpreting services?

No, interpreting services should be pursued for a translator.

What if I need to reschedule and is there a fee?

The ASL Workshop is very flexible, reschedules are accepted at any time free of charge

For the Family Workshops, does my young child have to be logged on for the entire 60 minutes?

No, we understand children may not hold a decent attention span virtually, they can leave at any time while the parent stays on to finish the workshop.

PLEASE NOTE: Payments are required prior to the session to ensure your appointment. All individual sessions are NON-refundable. Group or 5 consecutive workshops (including family ones) refunds vary based on type of session & date booked. You are always free to reschedule at any time for no charge. Thank you!