When the hearing and Deaf world meet, you get Jasmine Beltrán, owner and creator of The ASL Workshop, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Jasmine is a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) due to both of her parents being Deaf. With a Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders and Deaf Studies, as well as pursuing a Masters in Speech Pathology, she aims to eliminate negative stereotypes of Deaf culture due to lack of awareness.

Being employed full time at the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children as a paraprofessional has also heightened her need to advocate for children with special needs. TASLW is more than learning sign language virtually from a CODA. It is education and awareness of what Deaf culture and other special needs truly means. Her creative and innovating ways to interact with people draw them into becoming better advocates.

Her long term goal is to found The Beltrán Family Foundation, which will provide community wellness for underrepresented families (helping low income families with school advocacy for special needs children, advocacy for Deaf family members, IEP planning tips and tools, and more for a low to free rate!)

My purpose in life is to be the communication link for those who cannot.

Jasmine Beltrán